The Mancore 600TA – a demountable drill

La foreuse Mancore 600TA a été vendue durant l’exposition PDAC, à Toronto. L’équipe d’usinage Marcotte était présente pour présenter aux visiteurs sa nouvelle foreuse et sa gamme de produits.

Drill manufacturer, Marcotte Machining, is proud to introduce the new Mancore 600TA, a demountable, heli-portable rig specifically designed to reach difficult areas.

Unveiled at the PDAC Convention in Toronto on March 1st, the new rig complements Marcotte Machining’s reputable line of drills, which includes the STM1500 for underground drilling and the HTM2500 for surface drilling.

The Mancore 600TA is a modified version of the Mancore 600, incorporating the added feature of rugged tracks designed for efficient maneuverability in all types of terrain.

Like the base model, the Mancore 600TA is a modular rig that can be easily disassembled for transportation to areas difficult to reach by land or by helicopter.

Easy assembly in confined spaces
The Mancore 600TA is the lightest rig in its class, with its heaviest module weighing just 725 kgs. (1600 lbs.), once assembled.

The rig easily disassembles into several modules, all of which are easy to transport and reassemble.

The design of the drill allows for the assembly of motors and tanks in a confined space of just 6 m (20 feet) in diameter, even on unlevel terrain. This feature enables uninterrupted drilling, regardless of the type of terrain.

Marcotte Machining – Innovation and dependability
Marcotte Machining, based in Val-d’Or, Quebec, has been designing and manufacturing drilling rigs since 1992. In addition to the Mancore 600TA, the company is preparing to unveil other new models in the coming months.

Furthermore, Marcotte Machining continues to expand its global sphere of influence, bridging the gap with its customers through the constant addition of new distributors around the world.

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